Unlocking human potential :Proactive practices for individual elasticity

The Center for the Edge has written extensively about how the world is changing, and about the implications and impact of this change on corporations. They have framed the deep structural shifts afoot and practices that institutions can adopt to thrive in the world to come. Now, this report addresses practices that individuals—not just leaders, executives, and top athletes, although many of their practices are relevant, but all of us—may need to adopt to thrive in this world.

The report opines that the world is changing rapidly, both in terms of broad, global trends that are driving business and the more immediate space around day-to-day lives. Mimicking the exponential pace of change in the underlying technologies, the options available to us to meet our needs and pursue our goals are evolving rapidly and often unpredictably. In some ways, this makes us richer and more empowered than ever. In some ways, it unsettles us. This is one paradox of life in the 21st century: The world changes rapidly; our basic needs as humans, not so much. In some important ways, we struggle to keep up with the very world we have created and continue to create. It is a time of great—and increasing—stress.

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Culled from Deloitte University Press

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