Tax Alert: Taxpayers to validate official email address with FIRS

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Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has issued a public notice requesting taxpayers to validate their official email addresses in FIRS’ records. The validation process is expected to commence with immediate effect. 

FIRS requires taxpayers to complete ‘E-Filing Access Application Form’ with appropriate details. The forms are expected to be submitted to FIRS’ offices where taxpayers file their tax returns.Following a successful validation, FIRS will no longer manually issue physical receipts for tax payments.

Rather, electronic copies of tax receipts would be sent to the designated email address against a company’s name on FIRS’ portal. Considering what is being used to capture this information is the E-filing Access Application Form, it is envisaged that authorised personnel of a company will be granted access to the FIRS e-filing portal.

Please click HERE to read the public notice by FIRS, the E-Filing Access Application Form on terms and conditions.
We therefore, advice taxpayers to comply with this new directive to make obtaining tax payment receipts seamless in future.

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