RIRS launches electronic platform for taxpayers to manage their tax affairs

In keeping with the recent drive by revenue authorities to automate their processes, the Rivers State Internal Revenue Service (RIRS) has deployed the Rivers State Tax Management Information System (RIVTAMIS).

RIVTAMIS is an online platform that provides a convenient and effective means for taxpayers to pay and manage their taxes and information. With its deployment, taxpayers would not only be able to pay their taxes effortlessly, but would also be able to manage their tax records & activities effectively and efficiently.

The RIRS has communicated that RIVTAMIS would henceforth be used to handle tax-related matters like online payments, e-filing, requests for TCCs, online registration, online requests, demand notices, etc. The platform can be accessed via https://rivtamis.riversbirs.gov.ng/.

To access RIVTAMIS, corporate organizations are required to register on the online platform using the organisation’s email address and telephone number and the email address and telephone number of the organisation’s representative who will manage the RIVTAMIS account for the organisation. Individual registration is also available on RIVTAMIS using the email address and telephone number of the individual.

Furthermore, the RIRS has communicated that the RIVTAMIS platform would be used for filing of 2018 employers’ tax returns (Form H1), due by 31 January 2019. Taxpayers are required to sign in to the RIVTAMIS portal, upload the list of employees using the templates for local or expatriate staff and upload the list of directors, form CO2, CO7 and its certificate of incorporation. Thereafter, taxpayers are required to download the applicable Form H1 template (local or expatriate), complete and upload on the portal with all accompanying receipts. The RIRS has also communicated that no hard copy returns would be accepted for the filing of the 2018 returns.

Please click here for the guidelines on how to register on RIVTAMIS and here for guidelines on how to submit annual returns on the RIVTAMIS portal. You may also refer to our earlier tax alert here on LIRS’ launch of its e-filing platform for the filing of employers’ tax returns (Form H1).

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  1. Captain Otemowo Ararile says:

    I observed that my tax clearance certificate with all the stamps to make it authentic
    does not have TIN number.

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