Public Sector Insights: Reinventing the public sector landscape

It is said that no government can build credibility if it downplays the need to internalise efficient and effective mechanisms in steering the wheel of governance. Hence, it is the duty of government, public policy makers and other key stakeholders within the government landscape to stay focused on maximizing the gains of governance to the citizenry through transparency and efficiency in the governance process. This cannot be achieved if the machinery of government is fraught with bureaucratic bottlenecks and a wide communication gap between the citizenry and government which results in popular lack of confidence in extant institutions of government by the citizenry.

Notably, the prevailing economic recession in Nigeria is popularly attributed to corruption, inefficient governance practice and weak institutions; these vices thrive in systems where there are no hard set lines and enforcement mechanism for accountability in governance. Transparency International reports Nigeria’s corruption index at 28%; this speaks volumes about the crying need for the Nigeria government to double down its efforts in ensuring the public sector operates a structured and accountable system that is able to detect and address any abuse in the system in real time.

In a bid to contextualise the efforts required for the Nigerian government to navigate towards better governance, the strategies for consideration are delineated in five key action points, as follows:

Promoting transparency and accountability in government dealings
Having an informed citizenry is an important tool for good governance as it engenders government and citizenry cohesion; both parties are able to make input on policy matters and hold each other accountable for results. It, therefore, goes against the grain for government to conceal facts and figures meant for public

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