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My name is Amani Momodu. Oh okay, you already know that; but the import of this ‘re-introduction’ is what will be coming from me to you over the next several weeks and months, and may I also add year J.  So I please ask that you join me on this exciting ride.

Here we go – I work with Deloitte & Touche as Head of Clients & Industries (C&I), West Africa. C&I is at the intersection of Client Programme, Winning Business, Brand, Marketing, Communication, Corporate Responsibility, New Media/Digital, Creatives/Designs, Eminence, and everything connected. Right, that is the normal ‘8 to 5’ bit of the job. But the grind gets interesting with a new meaning, something else is added … sauce, juice, ginger and all.

Now, the real deal. I mean the announcement. I am a 2018 Deloitte Africa Brand Ambassador, one of 15 Deloittians across the Africa continent. Together with my 14 colleagues, we will in the coming days, extending to months be serving you with the best of Deloitte, showcasing our unique culture and impact with a lot of fun. Everyone is invited!

As a tech, digital and new media enthusiast, this call is second nature. It closely aligns with other interests, including my social work in the communities to enable inclusive growth, believing that service to humanity is the best work of life.

A starter – “Why Deloitte?

Getting to the heart of what matters

Deloitte is about me, about you, our communities, our society and the marketplace. Driving societal impact – the Deloitte way; and service to humanity – Amani’s way are not mutually exclusive (they are like 5 & 6 in Nigeria lingo). I work at Deloitte because we are motivated by a purpose that transcends profits; our success is measured by the impact we make in the society. I am here because we work daily to go beyond talk and implement practical measures that improves lives in our society.

Deloitte recently launched a global initiative called WorldClass, with the goal to empower 50 million people by 2030; to help them access the education, skills and opportunities they need to find meaningful work in the new economy. I work here because of my contribution to delivering on the brand promise; to make an impact that matters in our world.

Please stay tuned.  Don’t go anywhere as we will be having real moments of engaging conversations.

Thank you.  Peace & Blessings. Ramadan Kareem!

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