Kenya: Grounding Africa’s Economic Growth

Kenya: Grounding Africa’s Economic Growth

Apart from being the largest and most advanced economy in East Africa, Kenya is also set to be among the fastest-growing countries in Africa, expected to continue to grow in excess of 5% per annum over the next five years. 

Nairobi, the country’s capital city, is the business and financial centre of Kenya and the government is on a quest to establish it as a financial hub in the region, putting it on par with existing financial centres in the world.

Given Kenya’s diversifying and robust growth prospects, strong private-sector participation, ongoing pro-business reforms, as well as a rising domestic and regional consumer market, Kenya offers a wealth of investment opportunities across a range of sectors including infrastructure development, horticulture, manufacturing, tourism, power generation, natural resource extraction, and information and communications technology (ICT).

The Deloitte Africa October 2016 publication on Kenya looks to provide a high-level overview of some of the key trends that have resulted in Kenya’s forecast robust growth rate, thus continuing to outperform its peers including South Africa, Nigeria and Angola, and arguably grounding Africa’s economic growth.

Kenya: Grounding Africa’s Economic Growth

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