Federal Government releases 2019 Fiscal Policy Measures

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has approved and ordered the implementation of the 2019 Fiscal Policy Measures (FPM), effective 1 July 2019. 2019 FPM replaces 2018 FPM, which had been in force since 27 July 2018.

An in-depth analysis of the 2019 FPM reveals that FGN remains committed to its plan to encourage investment in industries deemed critical to its economic growth agenda; as well as discourage importation and consumption of certain items.

Please click here to explore further details of the 2019 FPM.

One thought on “Federal Government releases 2019 Fiscal Policy Measures”

  1. Taiwo says:

    Glad the Government has not relented in its efforts to protect and grow the Nigerian economy. This is good news!

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