Openings for Chartered Accountants: Fresh Graduates and Experienced Accountants

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Take the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey

Help us identify the top trends in human capital for 2019 by taking the 7th annual Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey.

Vacancies in the Nigeria Power Sector Program

We are pleased to announce some vacancies under the Nigeria Power Sector Program, a power sector transformation programme led by Deloitte. The Nigeria Power Sector Program was established by a development agency to support reform within Nigeria’s power sector.

The Conversation (2): Millennials Shaping the Future

Millennials (people born between 1977 and 1995) are regarded as a force to propel the future of work and thus they are in a position to transform organisations and by extension an economy. They are a generation who know no other world than that driven by technology, collaboration and connectedness. As they have come into the workplace in an era of exponential technology, they are digital natives, global savvy and leading the way.    These young adults have less inhibitions like generations past, they challenge the status quo, they want in on decision making that affect them, they can be restless but are loyal when their needs are met. As a rule, they refute been described as lazy but see this as adventurous – a certain audacity; they have a different worldview and live in their own world, they have anactive lifestyle and thrive in a ‘sharing economy’, preferring access rather than acquiring…

Winning in business – Culture as a catalyst

Culture to drive business strategy Research consistently demonstrates that culture drives business value. Organisations with engaged and committed employees have higher levels of customer loyalty, revenues, profitability and employee retention.

Rewriting the rules for the digital age

The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report reflects seismic changes in the world of business. This new era, often called the Fourth Industrial Revolution—or, as we have earlier labeled it, the Big Shift—has fundamentally transformed business, the broader economy, and society.

Unlocking human potential :Proactive practices for individual elasticity

The Center for the Edge has written extensively about how the world is changing, and about the implications and impact of this change on corporations. They have framed the deep structural shifts afoot and practices that institutions can adopt to thrive in the world to come. Now, this report addresses practices that individuals—not just leaders, executives, and top athletes, although many of their practices are relevant, but all of us—may need to adopt to thrive in this world.

Effective strategy planning for new leaders

Effective strategy planning for new leaders

When we interview CEOs and boards in preparation for Executive Transition Labs, we often hear they expect the newly promoted or incoming executive to be an effective strategist. Yet, in the lab, I frequently find that transitioning executives cannot clearly articulate the process for framing strategy at their company, and sometimes, the critical strategy choices of the company.  


Culture shift: Changing beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes

Culture is like an iceberg. The part that can be seen above the waves reflects the isolated behaviors and outcomes that can surprise and sometimes frustrate incoming executives. The bulk of it, though, the submerged part, comprises the “shared beliefs and assumptions” that are often shaped over generations and can sometimes punch a hole through titanic corporate initiatives.