Africa Construction Trends Report 2016

Africa’s changing infrastructure landscape

This edition of Deloitte’s Africa Construction Trends Report cumulates and compares data from the last four years, delivering insights on both a continental and regional level. The latest edition includes a special feature on water projects in Africa. 

The report examines the driving forces behind infrastructure and capital projects on the continent, looking at both external and internal drivers that are shaping the new macroeconomic and financial realities that a number of countries are facing. The data within this annual research by the firm pinpoints the trends around ownership, funding and construction of large-scale projects while also identifying the trends in the sectoral spread of projects. Africa has seen a downturn in both the number and value of projects included this year, in contrast to previous years. Global economic headwinds, low growth and lower commodity prices have all contributed to this.

Key take outs in this report

  • Who owns Africa’s infrastructure and capital projects
  • Who funds
  • Who builds

Download the report: Africa Construction Trends Report 2016

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